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About Us

this is a brief explanation of the vision and aim of the company

How I Started This Cleaning Service

It is important to believe in what you do. Dream big and take small steps

I founded this cleaning service company because, myself as a working adult living in an urban town like Petaling Jaya, find it very difficult to find time for cleaning service or maids around my area. I search high and low and couldn't find a reliable trustworthy cleaning service out there.

I asked around friends and family and found out they faced the same problem. No one has a regular maid that provides good quality service.

From there on, I aimed to bring convenient & reasonable house cleaning services to every home in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

I started small and I am where I am today, because of my team. We are now a team of more than 10 staff working hard daily to create more innovation in the market. We are constantly evolving according to the trends and demands of the Malaysia's market.

My team is with more than 10 years of experience in the human labor industry specializing in training, recruiting and finding work placement for domestic helpers / maids and foreign workers in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

All of our cleaners, workers are trained 1-2 months before we deploy them to work. They are trained personally by my Manager with years of experience handling foreign workers. Training includes job duties, language, personal hygiene and the Malaysia culture.

Currently we specialized in providing basic house cleaning, spring cleaning, deep cleaning, move in/out cleaning, post renovation and many more services to meet all the needs of the increasing demanding lifestyle of Malaysians.

We look to expand to more services in the near future and we look forward in serving you better.


Why We Are Different From Other Cleaning Service Companies Out There


Because we know how important cleanliness and basic hygiene is to every one. Cleaning services shouldn't be a privilege only for the rich. It should be a necessity for everyone. Residents of Petaling Jaya should be able to afford it. We strive to make this happen.  

We care to bring cleaning services to every one.


We tend to your enquires and problems right away. Cleaning services needs to be done quick

Deeply Commited

We take our business and customers seriously. Especially in cleaning services. 

Highly Skilled

Our team is properly trained and educated before we release them. At least 1-2 month minimum training is given to all staff.