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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Are the cleaners vaccinated?
A1. Yes, all of our cleaners are double dosed vaccinated. Only after 14 days we allowed them to start cleaning.

Q2. Do your cleaners follow Covid-19 SOP?
A2. Yes, we follow strict SOP set by the government by wearing mask/gloves, sanitization, social distancing and vaccination.

Q3. What race are the cleaners?
A3. Most of our cleaners are Indonesians. We do have a few Philippines and Cambodians as well.

Q4. What gender are the cleaners?
A4. All of our cleaners are Female only.

Q5. Are the cleaners legal?
A5. All of our cleaners are legal and have permit to work in Malaysia.

Q6. How do I make a booking?
A6. Please WhatsApp us 010-7661319 to make a booking. Sometimes we are too busy to pickup phone calls. If you leave a WhatsApp, we can get back to you.

Q7. Do I need to make a booking in advance?
A7. Yes, kindly book your slot 1-3 days in advance.

Q8. How do I make payment?
A8. Please pay cash to cleaners.

Q9. Do you accept other payment methods such as online-transfer?
A9. We prefer cash terms, but if you do not have cash in hand. We accept transfer but please transfer 2-3 day in advance in order for us to reserve the slot for you.  If we didn't received your transfer, we won't reserve the slot for you.

Q10. Do you accept credit card or cheque?
A10. No to both credit card and cheque.

Q11. Can I extend my booking halfway during the cleaning session?
A11. It depends if there is availability. Please request 1 hour before your slot ends.

Q12. Can I cancel my booking?
A12. Yes, but please cancel 3 days in advance or there will be a penalty fees of 50%-100%

Q13. What if I don't have any cleaning tools at all?
A13. Please request in advance 1-3 days for it. There will be a RM30 surcharge for cleaning tools & RM10-RM20 surcharge for ladder.

Q14. Do you provide cleaning tools & ladder?
A14. Yes, +RM30 for cleaning tools and +RM10 to RM20 for ladder. This includes: vacuum, cloth, brushes/sponges, mop & pail, cleaning detergent/soap. We do not provide toilet bowl brush due to hygiene reasons, broom as vacuum is provided & plastic bag. Please request 1-3 days in advance.

Q15. What kind of cleaning tools do I need to prepare if I don't want to pay for cleaning tools surcharge?
Q15. Please prepare: vacuum, wiping cloth, brushes/sponges, mop & pail, broom, cleaning detergent/soap, trash/plastic bag, ladder.

Q16. What kind of cleaning services do you provide?
A16. We provide various types such as basic clean, deep clean, spring clean, post-reno clean, ,move in/out clean and weekly clean. Please refer to this page.

Q17. Which area do you cover?
A17. We cover specific Petaling Jaya locations. Other areas there are location surcharge. Please refer this this page.

Q18. What happens if the cleaners can't clean the whole house and there is no more time left?
A18. Please request to add more time before your slot ends. This depends if there is availability.

Q19. What if the cleaners arrived late?
A19. We will start the appointment time when cleaners arrive.

Q20. What happens if the customer arrived late?
A20. No extra time will be added back. We will follow the booking time unless surcharge late penalty is paid and if there is availability then we will add back the time. If not please book another cleaning session.

Q21. How many hours do I need for cleaners to clean my house?
A21. Please refer to this page.

Q22. How much is the cleaning rates?
Q22. Please refer to this page.

Q23. Can I ask the cleaners to do ironing? What about washing clothes, car /gardening /cooking/ babysit?
A23. Yes, ironing is allowed if there is extra time. Others not allowed.

Q24. Can I choose a specific cleaner that I prefer?
A24. Nope, it depends on their availability.

Q25. Will you be responsible if items in my house are broken/damaged/lost?
A25. No, please keep your valuable items somewhere safe and locked. Quik Clean Services will not be held accountable & responsible for any items damaged during cleaning session.

Q26. What if I do not agree to some of the T&C?
A26. Please cancel your booking right away.

Q27. What happens if I don't pay the cleaning fees?
A27. There will be a penalty fees of late payment & we won't entertain any future bookings from you. Your details will be forwarded to our partner cleaning associates and blacklisted in our shared databased to avoid any future repeat.

Q28. Can I ask for a refund if I am not satisfied with the cleaning?
A28. No. Please inform us and sent pictures as evidence. We will investigate and clarify with the cleaners responsible.

Q29. What if I have pets?
A29. Pease keep them in a cage. So cleaners can work faster without disturbance.

Q30. Are your cleaners afraid of pets?
Q30. No, but please keep them in a cage. So cleaners can work faster without disturbance.

Q31. Can I give your cleaners tips?
A31. Yes, you can upon your own discretion.

Q32. Do I need to apply permit from my management for cleaners to enter my house?
A32. Yes, please apply for working permit from management in advance if you are staying in a condo/apartment to avoid any issues/delay/cancellation. If the management don't allow cleaners to enter because you didn't apply for permit, you will need to pay the full amount. No reschedule will be given.

Q33. Do I need to inform my security guard as well?
A33. Yes, please inform the security guard in advance if you are staying in a condo/apartment to avoid any issues/delay. If the delay is caused by your security guards/management, no extra time will be added.

Q34. What are your operational hours?
A34. We are open everyday Monday-Sunday, 7AM-8PM.

Q35. What is the differences between deep clean & basic clean?
A35. Deep clean is a thorough and comprehensive cleaning services as compared to a basic clean. If your house is dirty and have not been cleaned in a while. A deep clean is highly recommended.

Q36. Will my house be 100% cleaned?
A36. No, we do not gurantee this.

Q37. Will you sent the cleaner to my house?
A37. Yes, inclusive. Location surcharge applies.